Monday, 11 April 2011

I am my own experiment. Bushpygmalion - a kind of performance art piece...on screen

I really threw it at the wall when i spontaneously decided to do a show as part of Melbourne Comedy Festival...i had 5 hours to get an application in before the deadline. What was i thinking?
And not only that - it cost me 500 dollars (FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!) SO...a little silly when you consider that i havent promoted it (other than one small advert i designed and placed in INPRESS LIFT OUT)...I have been really obsessed with doing the animated part of the narrative - which is really an integral component to the entire performance - and so other elements have been ignored. The animation SHOULDNT be an integral part it but the fact is i have been performing most of my life and it is rather unexciting for me to NOT ADD a wild card into the mix. Which means - often i am leaving myself doing things i have never done at the last minute. Do i love the stress? Is it adrenalin? Is this fair on the audience? I was literally juggling 15 things the day of the first show, and only because i am an anal obsessive compulsive control freak organizer did i manage to pull it all together at 5.15 pm. Sound check / tech check was 5.15 pm. Lucky school is a 3 minute walk from the venue. Which i hadnt even seen. And someone loaned me a projector - just like that! Luck was on my side. Somehow in the mayhem I managed to forget to collect my beautiful $5000 Martin guitar from my bush dwelling - so unarmed (without instrument) i duck into a second hand music shop and find myself the perfect little nylon string guitar WITH hard case AND stand for $125.00. I secretly had been wanting a cheap little half sized nylon string guitar...and there she was...just waiting for an orphan child...the cutest little thing just crying out for me to take her to my show. So we debuted together. What a bonding experience.

There were people in the audience...but i didnt see them. I was too unearthed from the chaos of the day. I will be present this week, I promise. I see there are ticket sales and that excites me. I do love a good audience. Fact is the bigger the better. This venue isnt something i would have picked had i been in serious about what i was doing. And I will be hardly likely to break even on this one. It is really an indulgence on my experiment i say...

If there is any message i would like to leave with the audience on this one it is


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