Thursday, 14 April 2011

Optical art & Josh Batty sound cinema

Josh an `X` musician and now programmer joined our Hunter Gatherer luncheon today. What a geek!
He sits around programming visuals to make beats. Like - he is the real thing. Mercurial mind. A multi instrumentalist of the digital arena. Snatching pixels and matching them with rhythm sewing it all up with code, apps and plug ins. Yes...i do understand it but i cant quiet get inspired by its purpose (yet). I mean....i need to see something work and the degree of its usefulness on a grander scale. I just kept thinking `wait til this software falls into the wrong hands...just imagine its potential. Terrorists corrupting CCTV Systems and their faces appearing as cartoon cut outs.

I am kind of flawed that Josh is dating a Yoga instructor. I mean - that`s so damn analogue.

I liked that he mentioned Bridget Riley. Her work was everywhere when i was a kid. Hallucinogens.
She is a great example of a painter who has used optical illusions in her work. Quite the pioneer and is one of the foremost proponents of op art, art that exploits the fallibility of the human eye.

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